For those who truly appreciate a masterpiece that perfectly combines technology and design and morphs them into the most exhilarating work of art available, ELYSIUM is the right choice.

Only the finest materials are deemed worthy for use in ELYSIUM parts. Everything is adorned in carbon fiber, billet aluminum or aniline leather. Every surface touched by the balls is covered with handstitched leather produced in Germany using a special, traditional tanning process.

All ELYSIUM tables are absolutely unique in every aspect. Virtually every part of every table is custom designed; made for and by IXO and there is a good reason for this: it is the only way to create an experience of superior quality because all parts must work together in harmony.

The unique artificial vision system, used to select the way the balls are conducted is just as extreme as everything else in the table. It is silent and anti-friction; truly advanced, truly unique.


Innovative technology, such as the multifunctional touch screen system with configurable parameters, provides unsurpassable functionality.

ELYSIUM lamp includes the possibility of ordering, as option, a 4K-resolution camera to record all your movements.