The table automatically lit marks on the table, for easy positioning of the triangle and white ball, thanks to a several presence sensors.

Every detail that flows behind this beauty is equally considered: from the elegant CNC machined icons along the edge of the top and the laser sensors which turn the table on with a touch free hand-pass motion, to the totally silent and precise elevation system or the high-end industrial electronics and servomotors.


With ten layers of primer and high-gloss ceramic clear coat, followed by a meticulous finishing polish process, ELYSIUM looks flawless from every angle. Regardless of the colour you select, you can choose to have any aluminium lasercut logo or name placed below the clear coat by our master painters.


The touch screen system with configurable parameters, provides unsurpassable functionality. The carbon fiber finish is equally personalized.


The artisans in our workshop handcraft each part to ensure consistency, a process that can take up to 30 days. Every piece is hand-polished to create a deep, rich and flawless shine and you can choose from classic carbon fiber black or a tinted colour for a more contemporary feel.

ELYSIUM lamp includes the possibility of ordering, as option, a 4K-resolution camera to record all your movements.