Slim Elegance

Utilising the extreme capabilities of carbon fiber, we have designed a sleek yet elegant form. At only 6mm thick, including the finishing, the LC-1 blends 4 different fabrics, to obtain something unique, beautiful and ethereal.


We have embraced simplicity, using few materials to create the LC-1: Carbon fiber, anodized aluminium and 6 titanium screws.
Together with the optional premium-class aniline leather, there is no finer combination.


You are in control. Each piece is hand crafted allowing for unparalleled finishes. From the full richness of carbon weaves to metallic transparent tints, or even chameleon colours, the choice its yours.

Limitless Combinations

Colours are almost infinite, and the integration of finishes, carbon, paint, leather, stitching and metal are endless. Let us create the ultimate centrepiece for your chosen space.

Technical Sheet

  • Measurements in millimetres.
  • Approximate weight (not including leather): 25 kg.
  • Packaging: 1 units in strong cardboard box with cushioned reinforcements inside.
  • The piece is delivered unassembled for transport purposes. The LC-1 is supplied with 6 titanium screws for a simple assembly upon arrival.
  • Aniline leather made in Austria, with Poron XRD® viscoelastic foam.