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IXO (Iconic Xtrem Objects) is a company founded in 2007 specialised in carbon composites. Over the past years IXO became synonymous with style, performance, and exclusivity. The quality achieved by IXO becomes something out of the ordinary with unique carbon fiber objects manufactured with perfect finish.

With the best industrial process, IXO mixes a dedicated craftsmanship with the ultimate materials and partners. Passionate about performance and excellence, their components are recognized as real works of art by the best luxury brands in the world or the most demanding environments.

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At IXO, good is never enough. We strive for perfection and the goal of ultimate quality in every aspect, and that is a moving target. Whether it is beauty, luxury, elegance, exclusivity or durability, we make sure to raise the bar. All available time, emotion, knowledge have been spent, in order to create a being beyond imagination. I truly feel that our creations have soul, we have poured our hearts into them.

Pedro SánchezGeneral Manager


Whereas carbon has been used in the high tech industry for more than 40 years providing numerous advantages, its production remains complex and challenging. Our expertise makes the difference as we are recognised to design or repair as new any specific object.

For our clients, companies or private customer, we can create unique and dedicated design and pieces. From aerospace to luxury items, our know-how in engineering allows to propose a wide range of pieces / design.