LANIAKEA bath collection

Inspired by a Hawaiian word that means «immense heaven» or «wide horizons» our bath collection is specially designed for the most exclusives homes. From sinks to mirrors, your bathroom will join elegance and wellness with the best materials possible.

Manufactured with aeronautical grade carbon fiber prepreg, the best finishing materials available in the market, CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminium and titanium grade 5 screws, LANIAKEA represents the high-end choice for those which only accept the best.


Led lights, IP68 touch control panel, automatic heater (which prevents the water became cold in long baths) using a sophisticated graphite layering in between the monolithic carbon fiber fabric laminate, solid aluminium 6061 T6 machined baseplate, and optional automatic water mixer hidden inside the bathtub body makes WELA a real work of engineering and craftsmanship.